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Functionality Meets 

Aesthetics with Saber Site Services

We Offer a wide range of groundskeeping & Vegetation management solutions!

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What We Do



Expert lawn care to maintain a neat and visually appealing property.


Efficient removal of overgrown vegetation for a cleaner, safer facility.

Specialized Slope Mowing:

(Tank Berms/Levees). Precision mowing for challenging slopes.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Clearing & maintaining accessibility for pipeline and utility corridors.


Clearing & maintaining accessibility for pipeline and utility corridors.

General Groundskeeping:

Comprehensive care to keep your property clean, safe, and attractive all year round.

Herbicide Application for Weed

Eco-friendly solutions for effective weed management & healthy turf.

Herbicide Application for Turf 

Specialized treatments to boost turf health for lush, vibrant landscape.

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Discover the Saber Site Services Difference

Saber Site Services is a Port Arthur, TX based, veteran owned business that specializes in providing vegetation management, herbicide application, and landscaping services to our clients.

The types of facilities we provide services to include (but are not limited to) refineries, industrial sites, and pipeline right-of-ways. Our mission is to keep our customers’ sites looking sharp by providing superior service with an emphasis on operational excellence and safety.


Industry Insights & Expert Tips

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